Must read this before installation


Instruction Manual for Canon IP4600 MP620 MP620B MX860 and more



1. If your printer is brand new you must first install the original cartridges that came with your printer. The reason for this is because the printer needs to initialize with the original cartridges. CISS cannot initialize a new printer and the printer will show an error-saying cartridge cannot be recognized.


2. After you remove original cartridges you can install CISS.

Make sure printer power is unplugged when installing CISS.


3. Please don’t wait until your original cartridges are empty before installing CISS. In case CISS has a problem you still have your original cartridges to fall back on.


4. After installing CISS if there is something wrong or there is a printer error coming up- Please e-mail Michael at you must include your order number and your name in the e-mail so that I know who you are.


5. Make sure to describe your printer error in detail and what you have tried so far to fix it. I will help you fix it or send replacement parts or a replacement unit.


Thank you,



Please keep ink tanks on the same level as the printer.

DO NOT put ink tanks above the printer or on top of the printer.

Do not mix ink from different manufactures mixing ink may cause ink to clog in the ciss or even worse in your printer.


Open your canon printer wait until print head moves to the middle then look to make sure all cartridges are lit up (blinking is ok too). Smart chips in the cartridges light up.

You must have good working smart chips before you start to install.


When you are ready to install leave the printer open and make sure print head is in the middle of the printer. Unplug your printer from the electrical outlet.



















Remove cartridges and the print head from the printer

Remove mall seals from your kit and ensure each seal is clean

Carefully place each silicon nozzle seal into position around each of the printer heads as shown. Make sure that seals do not move from position when inserting cartridges. These seals must not be interfering with the silver print head. Incorrectly placed seal can cause poor ink quality.



Remove orange cartridge plugs and install cartridges. After removing orange cartridge plugs make sure to keep cartridges above the ink reservoirs and install cartridges quickly. Because ink may leak from the cartridges once the orange plugs are removed. Have some paper towels ready in case any ink drips. If any ink leaks you can clean it of with plain water

Install print head and install Cartridges in the printer. Plug Printer in and Make sure all of the cartridges light up. If any are not lit up that means chip on that cartridge is damaged or not installed correctly. Printer won’t work until all cartridges are lit up.


Install ink line T-clip in the middle of the printer to hold ink line in place.

Unplug the printer again. Install the ink line as shown above. Make sure ink line is not twisted. Make sure printer is unplugged before moving print head left or right.

(see bigger picture at the bottom)

move the print head to the leftmost

to make sure that there is enough ink line to reach

move the print head to the rightmost to make sure that there is enough ink line to reach

Pull out the small rubber plug from the

air hole as picture shown above.

For all colors

Place air filters into air holes, For all colors. With the fat side down

Move print head back to the middle and you are done.

Turn your printer on and print.


Mp620 pictured

Before closing the printer you must check to make sure ink line is not getting crimped by the printer on the right side you may have to move it little forward or back to find best position for ink line to come out of the printer.




You will have to disable ink monitoring.

Print as normal and wait for messages to come up on your printer.


Here is an example of the messages.

Yours may vary depending on the model of the printer.

Just follow the instructions that the messages tell you.




Press the OK button on the printer.


Press the OK button in the message

Press the YES button in the message

Press and hold the printer’s STOP button for at least 5 seconds, and then release it.
You will have to do this for all 5 colors.